Anything with an "Active Ingredient" is considered a medication in the school setting.  Over the counter and prescription medications CAN be given in school.  However, there are a few important steps to follow: 

1) Physician Approval:  All medications must be ordered by YOUR child's physician. The order must contain the name of the medication, the route, time to be administered, reason for administration as well as any special instructions.  Physician orders can be sent in the form of a letter from the office, a fax, and/or medication form from school filled out by MD. 

2) Parental Consent:  A parent/guardian MUST drop off the initial supply of medication . A consent form will be completed at that time, giving permission for the School Nurse to give what your child's physician has ordered. 

3) Medication:  The Health Office does have a small stock supply of Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, and Benadryl.  If your child requires over the counter medication other than this, or a prescription, please have a parent/guardian bring the medication to school.  DO NOT send any medication in a backpack or in with a student.  All medications must be handed directly from parent/guardian to the School Nurse.  


*The first dose of ANY medication is not to be administered by the School Nurse 

*No student at the elementary level is allowed to self carry medicine here at school 

*All medication orders expire at the end of the school year.  New orders will need to be sent to the Health Office at the beginning of every year. 

*The School Nurse can only accept a 30 day supply of prescription medicine
*All medicines brought in must be in a pharmacy labeled container with the child's name and prescription information on it.  It should match what is ordered by the physician. 

*You will be notified at the end of the year to retrieve any left over medications for your child.  All unclaimed medicine will be discarded.  

*If a parent/guardian is unable to bring a medication supply to school and sends a designated responsible adult, please notify the School Nurse ahead of time as paperwork needs to be completed

‚Äč*The following are examples of things that require a doctor's order here at school:  cough drops, sunscreen, bug spray, cough medicine, nasal spray, Aquaphor, Lactaid tablets